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Dean Erickson

Dean Erickson, CFA

Dean Erickson, CFA

“Get out of your own way to discover how far you can go.”
“Having the right to do something doesn’t make doing it right.”
“The best investment is to be kind to yourself and others. It costs nothing, but the rewards are great.”


Through Startup Domains and Brandlily, I offer hundreds of high-quality domain names. Check out the sites if you need a strong, brandable business name.

A new service, Packages On Time (POTVAN®), will rationalize local delivery expenses for businesses and their customers while delivering packages in the most eco-friendly manner possible. There's a lot of work to do and many decisions to be made in this arena. Stay tuned.



Sports and fitness have been big parts of my life since my youth. I was fortunate to play basketball at a high level and still enjoy playing at a low level once in a while.

During gym workouts, I recognized the need for a safer, more effective core trainer, so I created the patented Exercise Star (aka AbStar® Fitness Trainer). The inflatable Exercise Star vastly improves on big, spongy exercise balls and is versatile enough to exercise the whole body on land and in the water.

With an anti-slip base, low, ten-inch-height, and unique, star-shaped design, the Exercise Star is safer, more versatile, and easier to use, carry, and clean than a ball. The Exercise Star makes exercising more effective and more fun.

The AbStar patent and trademark may be available for license. Call 310-734-8500 to inquire.