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Musical Steps – How the song was created

How it Started

I wrote the first version of this song during the pandemic in March 2020 on a day when I felt little control over what was happening. I like to joke that when people feel no control, they tweet. In this case, I wrote a song.

What Next

Although I tried briefly to engage two established singer-songwriters, my outreach was rightfully ignored. Then, I sent my lyrics and an a cappella version to an overseas friend who is a professional composer, producer, and songwriter. Fortunately, he said that he thought my beginning work could make a good song.

The Real Work

Writing lyrics is fun, having a melody is important, but creating a composition that works with, and improves upon, lyrics and melody was the next step. I had no idea how to do that so the composer/producer Angeliconn took over to create the music.

Then, I had to practice my singing and learn how to fit my voice to our song. We negotiated some changes to the lyrics, specifically, to the chorus. Meanwhile, Angeliconn worked on his music, I worked on my voice and performance, and then he mixed all the components together to make our song.


Imagine How It Would Be

I hope you like the song. If it moves you to be kinder to yourself and others, then any work I did was well worth it. – Dean