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Dean Erickson

“Get out of your own way to discover how far you can go.”

“When technology is pervasive, humanity is crucial.”

“The best investment is to be kind to yourself and others.”

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Owner, Manager

Bionic Capital LLC

Bionic Capital Wealth Management provides professionally managed investment strategies, individualized wealth advice, and long-term financial problem-solving for every client. Our goal is to solve your needs, so we deliver multiple low-cost investment strategies and adapt them as your needs evolve.

Do better. Go Bionic®.


I grew up in a business-oriented family. My father owned and ran disparate businesses, from chicken farms to a car dealership, to a business rebuilding old houses and brokering real estate. At its best, a business should benefit all involved, from owners, employees, and vendors, to consumers. That's what I try to do at Bionic Capital and in every business.

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Bionic Capital Wealth Management

Since 2009, I have owned and managed Bionic Capital LLC, an investment advisor registered with the State of Florida. The firm does business with clients around the country and can work with residents of most non-OFAC countries.

Bionic Capital brings together the best providers of financial services at the lowest possible fee rates. We save you money so you can better provide for your family, reach your retirement goals, or create a legacy through giving.

Bionic Capital LLC owns BIONIC trademarks for "Financial services, namely investment management ..." and separately for "Banking services."

Domains and Brands

Through StartupDomains.com and Brandlily.com, I broker thousands of curated, high-quality .com domain names. Every domain is pre-priced for easy decision-making and purchases are made securely through Escrow.com. Check out the sites if you need branding ideas and valuable domain names to go with your new business or product brand name.

Recent sales include BABYandBEYOND.com and CorebridgeFinancial.com.

Exercise Star

Years ago, I created the patented AbStar Fitness Trainer (aka Exercise Star™). The inflatable Exercise Star vastly improves on big, spongy exercise balls. With an anti-slip base, low, ten-inch height, and unique, patented, star-shaped design, the Exercise Star is safer, more versatile, and easier to use, carry, and clean. Exercise Star makes exercising more effective and more fun.

I retain valuable intellectual property including trademarks, a product patent, and domain names for any fitness company that would like to add the AbStar brand and/or Exercise Star to their portfolio.


After first working on Wall Street, I became an actor and did professional roles such as "Eric the Red" on Frasier and "Gabriel Knight" in The Beast Within. Writing was a natural progression, and after writing several screenplays, I got the somewhat crazy idea to write a novel. I survived that and then wrote two personal development books that are based on my experiences.

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No One Laughs at a Dead Clown

A Razz McNeil Mystery

When an amusement park clown is strung to pilings under the San Margarita Pier, a deadly message is sent. Then all hell breaks loose for aging surfer dude Razz McNeil, manager of the Surf’s Up Saloon when he becomes entangled in the subsequent murder investigation. But who sent the macabre message? And why?

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Choose Your Story, Choose Your Life

Learn to live better and be happier. Learn to forgive yourself, treat yourself and others better, and improve personal and family relationships.

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Act. Adapt. Achieve.

Break away from whatever has been holding you back. You may be afraid because you’re not sure how to get started. And, if you don’t start, you’re already finished. Act. Adapt. Achieve. is about starting, finishing, and getting whatever you want—even if it turns out to be better than what you’d first imagined.

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I enjoy telling stories through writing, and that's what I try to do with songwriting. I've only written a few songs, but I love music and expect to create a few more songs meaningful to me. And, although I prefer someone with a better voice to sing them, I've found that sometimes you just have to do it yourself to get it done. I hope you enjoy the stories and the messages.

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We Should All Wear Shades

I wrote this song during the pandemic motivated by social and racial inequities throughout the country and the world.

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Imagine How It Would Be

Writing lyrics is fun, and having a melody is important, but creating a composition that works with, and improves upon, lyrics and melody was the next step. I had no idea how to do that so the composer/producer Angeliconn took over to create the music.

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When Willows Fall

I wrote this song over twenty years ago while I was writing a screenplay. This song encapsulated the life and regrets of one of the characters. The screenplay didn’t get anywhere but the song has grown in importance for me over these many years.

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About Dean Erickson

I grew up in rural Maine with older brothers and a sister who motivated me in sports. After meeting the new high school basketball coach while in the fifth grade, I was motivated to become the best basketball player I could be. Along with my great teammates and friends, we became high school champions. In college, I played against people like Isaiah Thomas, an NBA Champion and Hall-of-Famer. For my body of work, in 2018, I was voted into the Maine Basketball Hall of Fame. Through sports, I’ve learned that success is achieved and that the ability to work hard and work smart are traits that are invaluable throughout life.

In 1982, I graduated from Brown University with a degree in mathematical economics, then worked as an options trader at Miller Tabak & Company in New York City. Later, I managed a merger arbitrage portfolio for the same firm and became a Chartered Financial Analyst in 1987.

After some years as an actor and personal trainer, I came back into the investment business in 2006 with UBS Financial Services. In 2009, I founded investment advisor Bionic Capital LLC where I oversee client relationships and investment portfolios.

I’ve added investment insights and expertise to the Wall Street Journal, Structured Products magazine, and other publications. Hoping to help others live happier, more successful lives, I wrote two personal development books, Choose Your Story, Choose Your Life, and Act. Adapt. Achieve.

My wife Lisa and I live in Melbourne, Florida.

Dean Erickson


In my book, Act. Adapt. Achieve. published in 2012, I listed four personal goals. Number four was “Create and build a billion-dollar public foundation to help improve the health, education, and welfare of children around the world by the time I’m seventy-five.”

It was a big, big goal and frankly, I am still working to realize it. As part of the adapting process described in my book, my wife and I now expect to create a private family foundation and grow it as much as possible to give as much as possible. Anything we can give to help others, especially children, can be deemed a success.

Our journey and mission continue.

Wishing you all well! Thank you for visiting.
Dean Erickson