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Dean Erickson, CFA

What I Do

The most important work I do is to serve my investment clients through the registered investment advisory firm, Bionic Capital LLC. As a fiduciary and Chartered Financial Analyst, I am obligated to put my clients’ interests first. My goal by managing investment portfolios and solving financial issues is to help people succeed financially so they can more easily enjoy other aspects of their lives. I am grateful for the trust they place in me, and I do everything I can to earn that trust.



Sports and fitness have been big parts of my life since my youth. I was fortunate to play basketball at a high level and still enjoy playing at a (very) low level once in a while.

During workouts, I recognized the need for a safer, more effective core trainer, so I created the patented AbStar Core Trainer. With an anti-slip  base, ten-inch-height, and unique, star-shaped design, the AbStar Core Trainer vastly improves on big, spongy exercise balls. Safer and easier to use, carry and store, the AbStar Core Trainer makes exercising more efficient and more fun.


Some years back I wrote a mystery thriller, No One Laughs at a Dead Clown. Because it took me ten years to finish, I especially hope that you'll like it.

After that mild trauma, I wrote two personal development books, Choose Your Story, Choose Your Life and Act. Adapt. Achieve. In those books, I share what I have learned about enhancing feelings of self-worth and what one needs to do to more consistently achieve success.



I own and manage Bionic Capital LLC, a registered investment advisor, as well as Bionic Ventures LLC.

Additionally, through Startup Domains and Brandlily, I broker hundreds of high-quality domain names. Check out the sites if you need a strong, brandable business name.

A new business line, Packages On Time, will attempt to rationalize the expense of local delivery for businesses and their customers. There's a lot of work to do and decisions to be made in this arena. Stay tuned.



Although it is early days, I plan to create a charitable endowment to support children's charities. The fund is expected to cap all expenses, including investment management fees, at an ultra-low level.

My goal will be to grow the size of the endowment while minimizing expenses so that more money can go directly to those in need.